This Summer’s Slickest Look According to Celebrity Hairstylist Matthew Morris

Matthew Morris, Denver’s hair guru, guides us in achieving the hottest look this summer that will have you soaking in hair treatments while looking slick.

Matthew Morris
Photo by Jordan Holloway.

Sophisticated with a sultry edge, sexy, and timeless, the wet-hair look is all the rage right now. “Florence Pugh and Zendaya are always rocking it on the red carpet,” says Matthew Morris, pulling up photos of the celebs on his phone. “It’s easy to style, looks elegant and edgy, and is good for your hair.”

Morris, a celebrity hairstylist with two Denver salons and a former global master for Kérastase and L’Oreal artistic director, emphasizes that unlike many hair trends, this one is beneficial for your tresses— and it’s all about the products. He recommends combining Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime hair oil serum with either Kaze Wave curl mousse by Shu Uemura (for fine hair) or Evo’s Macgyver Multi-Use Mousse (for medium to thick hair that needs more hold).

The look is great for summer too, especially for pool parties and beach days. “Your hair is like a sponge, so if you get into a chlorine pool or salt water with dry hair, your hair will absorb it,” Morris explains. “With a wet look, you get into the water with your hair already saturated with a nourishing treatment. Then, when you get out of the water, rinse your hair off and apply a little more treatment for an elegant post-dip look.”

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Another way to keep more moisture locked into your strands this summer? Skip the extensions and leave the heat behind. Air-dried hair is where it’s at. “This summer, everyone is reclaiming their natural curl, and I love it,” Morris says. “It’s the ‘I actually woke up like this’ look, but it still takes a little effort and styling, like using no-heat curlers or tucking your hair behind your ear for a subtle face-framing curl. It’s all about working with what you have and enhancing it with the right products and styling.”

As for haircuts, Morris is excited about the return of structured styles. “We’ve seen a lot of long, uncut hair. Now, people are making bold statements with their haircuts—think blunt bobs and monochromatic colors, which are perfect for the wet-look trend.”

In terms of accessories, Morris advises against the casual claw clip. Instead, he recommends more curated pieces like wooden chopsticks or metal barrettes. “These can make your hair look expensive and luxurious,” he says.

Whether you’re pool or party hopping, these versatile styles can add a touch of glamour to any occasion. So go ahead, embrace the wet-hair, natural-curl look, and make a splash this summer.