Lems: Shoes Designed with the Foot in Mind

Lems’ natural-fit hiking boots will have you feeling footloose and fancy-free wherever you trek this summer.

Hiker wearing Lems shoes
Photo by Josh Blakley.

The iconic moment from Wild when Cheryl Strayed, played in the film adaptation by Reese Witherspoon, tosses her blister-inducing boots into the abyss is something every hiker can relate to. I have wide feet, which my mom always reassures me just means I have better balance. That may be true, but it also means that trying on traditional hiking boots feels like I’m smashing a curvy pear into a skinny cylinder. It’s just not the right fit.

Enter Lems, a Colorado-based, family-run business, offering hiking boots, sneakers, and casual shoes with a natural-feel fit— aka my perfect match. Lems’ wide toe box, zero-drop heel, and natural-feel fit make its hiking boots more comfortable and adaptable to every foot shape. Wearing these boots feels like hiking in your most supportive and grippy bedroom slippers, but the aesthetic is anything but sleepy. The leather boots are both fashionable and durable, complementing everything from technical hiking gear and cargo pants to jean shorts. The high-rise fit and tough leather support your ankle and protect your foot, all while boasting a timeless outdoorsy look.

Lems hiking shoes

Best Boot Forward

The tough choice is not whether to get a pair of Lems or another brand; it’s which Lems boot to buy. As someone who spends their weekends in the mountains yearround, I opted for the Boulder Summit shoe. It’s completely waterproof, with the minimalist look of the Boulder Boot (the brand’s base model) but the outsole of the Outlander (its most rugged option). The Boulder Boot Grip is also a great waterproof, year-round option with a slimmer sole, offering slightly less grip than the Summit but it’s lighter weight and it has the ability to be rolled up—yes, literally—into a ball no bigger than your favorite puffer, making it perfect for travel. Lastly, the Telluride Boot features velvety soft suede and a fur-lined ankle cuff, making it Lems’ most fashionable option. It’s great for cold weather, though not waterproof, so it’s better suited for exploring the charming streets of a mountain town than wandering into the nearby woods. Whether you are trekking downtown or down mountains, Lems has something super comfy and capable to fit the occasion.

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