“The Perfect 10”: Memoir from RE/MAX Cofounder and Chairman Dave Liniger

With 10 chapters brimming with wisdom and practical advice, RE/MAX cofounder and chairman Dave Liniger’s The Perfect 10, isn’t just a memoir—it’s a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dave Liniger
Photo by Michael Weschler.

Behind every great businessman is an even greater businesswoman. In RE/MAX cofounder Dave Liniger’s case, it was an entire staff of professional women. “Back in 1973 when I started RE/MAX, women were only holding bookkeeper positions,” Liniger says. “But I thought women would make excellent real estate agents. They think about school districts, safety, and environmental factors that men might forget when showing a house. Three of my first four employees were women. Quickly, me and my merry band of ladies were putting the two biggest companies in Denver out of business.” In his new book, The Perfect 10, Liniger shares his success story of turning a small local company into one of the 10 biggest global franchises in the world with a total revenue of $81.2 million between 145,309 agents in 2023.

“This book is an in-depth look at being an entrepreneur,” says Liniger. “It gives readers wisdom they can put to use the same day they read the book.” For example, Liniger reflects on the founding of his business, remarking that “you can’t do today’s business with yesterday’s model and expect to be in business tomorrow.” That’s why he employed women and “used a co-op model for RE/MAX where every agent has their own company but bands together. This way, you’re not in business by yourself but you still get to keep a higher percentage of income, and you become more entrepreneurial because of it.” This was a threat to the industry, though, because it meant big companies would need to pay top producers more to keep them.

“Darwin never said the strongest of the species survive. He said the most adaptable of the species survive. And that’s what we did. RE/MAX has been around for 50 years, through nine presidencies and eight recessions.” His book, with 10 chapters, “Goal Setting and Planning,” “Entrepreneurship,” “The Lasting Influence of Ernest Shackleton,” “Leadership,” “Management,” “Building Your Team,” “Franchising,” “Marketing,” “Embracing Change,” and “Personal Development,” each devoted to 10 ideas related to its central topic, should be on any entrepreneur’s reading list.

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"The Perfect 10" cover