The Hangar Club: Denver’s Indoor Golf Hotspot

In Lowry, The Hangar Club is Denver’s most entertaining indoor golf hotspot.

Playing golf on TrackMan simulator
Photo courtesy of TrackMan.

Tucked away in Denver’s storied Lowry neighborhood, where history intertwines with modern life, the Hangar Club has emerged as the city’s latest sanctuary for golf aficionados and social butterflies alike. Opened in spring, this 22,000-square-foot behemoth at 7600 E. 1st Place is a nod to the area’s rich past and a leap into the future of indoor golf and entertainment.

Walk into the Hangar Club, and you’re not just entering any golfing facility; you’re stepping into an experience. This club, built within a structure that dates back to 1942 and once served as an essential cog in the U.S. Air Force’s machinery, now stands as a monument to the game of golf. With its imposing size and the distinguished atmosphere of historic golf clubs, yet with doors wide open to all, it’s a unique blend of tradition and inclusivity.

At its core, the Hangar Club boasts 10 TrackMan simulators—technology so advanced, you’ll feel the ocean breeze from Pebble Beach or hear the echoes of applause at St. Andrews. These simulators, coupled with the largest private hitting bays and seating areas Denver has to offer, make for a luxe virtual golfing journey. Whether you’re here to chase the ghost of legends on over 270 courses worldwide or to swing your club in more than 50 tour venues, the realism is real. And it’s fun.

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But the Hangar Club isn’t just about teeing off in digital grandeur. It’s a hub for honing your craft under the watchful eyes of PGA pros like Jamie White, Colorado’s highest-ranked Titleist Performance Institute coach. With club fittings using cutting-edge TrackMan technology and instruction tailored to all skill levels, improvement is not just a possibility—it’s a promise.

The club’s ambiance is elevated by a central bar, where craft cocktails and local brews flow as freely as the conversations around them. Founding partner and restaurateur James Samara has curated a menu that complements the club’s blend of sophistication and comfort, offering everything from shareable appetizers to heartier fare, with an emphasis on inclusivity for all dietary needs.

Adjacent to the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, the Hangar Club’s location is more than just a geographical convenience—it’s a bridge between the past and the present, between the thrill of flight and the passion for golf. Whether you’re walking in with the hope of improving your swing, looking to enjoy a round with friends on some of the most iconic courses available, or simply in search of a spot to unwind, the Hangar Club is ready to welcome you. It’s not just a club; it’s a community, a place where the love for golf takes flight.