The 2023 Polaris Patriot Boost Indy VR1

The 2023 Polaris Patriot Boost Indy VR1 muscles through the mountains.

2023 Polaris Patriot Boost Indy VR1 going over snow
Photo courtesy of Polaris.

The 2023 Polaris Patriot Boost Indy VR1 is a game-changer in the world of snowmobiles. It’s the first hypersled that doesn’t compromise on performance, and it’s ready to take on any terrain.

Powered by the industry’s most powerful OEM two-stroke turbo engine, the Indy VR1 is a lightweight rocket that’s built to handle anything the mountain throws at it. It’s got 10% more horsepower than Polaris’ 850 Patriot engine, and it’s up to 110 pounds lighter than the competition. That means it’s not only fast, but it’s also agile and easy to handle.

The Matryx platform at the heart of the Indy VR1 is designed with the rider in mind. It delivers a comfortable, stable ride that’s unparalleled in the industry. The snocross-inspired cockpit is narrower than ever before, providing maximum freedom of movement, and the computerized fluid dynamics design tools ensure superior wind protection and minimal drag. The enhanced windshield design and updated geometry improve aerodynamics, and the sculpted side panels allow for greater rider mobility.

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The 7S Ride Command Display is a high-tech marvel that lets you plan, track, and share your rides using a 7-inch glove-touch display. It’s got onboard diagnostics, trail maps, points of interest, and even Group Ride technology that lets you keep track of your crew even when you’re out of cell range.

But the Indy VR1 is about more than just performance. It’s also packed with features that ensure a comfortable, enjoyable ride. The electronically controlled SmartWarmers keep your hands toasty, delivering consistent heat throughout the ride. You can customize the temperature to your liking, and even set different levels of heat for your thumbs and hands. The NightBlade Headlight is a state-of-the-art lighting system that provides exceptional visibility for night riding. And the patent-pending SmartBoost technology ensures smooth, stable acceleration.

When you’re on the snow, there are no boundaries, only possibilities. The Indy VR1 is the perfect sled for any rider, whether you’re cruising the trails with friends or exploring the backcountry. It’s built to handle any terrain, and it’s got the acceleration, comfort, and control you need to dominate the mountain. Since 1954, Polaris has been at the forefront of snowmobiling, and the Indy VR1 is the latest example of its commitment to helping riders make the most out of winter.