Fashion: Stand Out on the Slopes

Sarah Laughlin opened Slope Threads’ first brick and mortar store in Golden this winter, renting complete outfits for skiers. Here, she shares this winter’s latest trends.

Authored by Sarah Ji-Mei Lofgren

Photo courtesy of Slope Threads

What inspired you to start your business?
“I’m originally from in Colorado and grew up skiing. It’s one of my favorite activities and I’m passionate about it. After college, I moved to Washington, D.C. For nine years, I’d travel back to Colorado to ski. Sometimes I’d bring friends with me and pack my own gear. I realized what a hassle and how expensive it was to get a full ski outfit only to ski a few days a year. At one point, a friend shipped ski gear to our Airbnb so she didn’t have to pay to check bags on the plane. I thought it was genius and I started doing the research that led to Slope Threads.”

What are the trends for skiing clothes this season?
“People tend to be steering away from dark colors and being more adventurous. I think bright colors are more fun and lets you express your personality on the slopes. Also, they make you more visible, which I think is important, but clothing manufacturers don’t necessarily focus on that. A lot of accidents happen as ski resorts get more and more crowded. We want our customers to be warm, comfortable, and, especially, safe. You’ll see on our website one outfit called ‘women’s starburst’—a bright red-orange. Additionally, retro stuff is really coming back, including ’80s or vintage ski gear. One thing we’re experimenting with offering is a retro onesie.”

What clothing do people over- look when it comes to skiing?
“You’re skiing all day and you’re on your feet. If your feet start hurting or are cold on your first run, it’s going to be rough. It doesn’t matter how good you look, or how warm. Get a comfortable ski sock, thin to medium thickness and mid to high calf length so your boot isn’t chafing against you. Also, with our orders we send a free pair of hand warmers. The hands and the feet are the most important. If they get cold, it’s just not fun to be out there. And we stress the helmet add-ons. We really want our customers to be safe out there, and if you don’t ski often you don’t realize how hard you can crash.”

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What is the new gear you’ve seen?
“Gear companies are designing clothes to include technology. There are ports for head- phones, better space for your cell phone, more interior pockets. There are some companies designing warming ski gear that’s battery-powered, like a heated blanket but it’s in the material. Technology, padding, quilting—clothing manufacturers are designing everything to get a really warm, more fitted style. It’s not like years ago where you go skiing and you have all these layers and can barely move because you’re so puffy and padded.”

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