Spotlight on Lana’s Shop Illustrator

At Lana’s Shop, the custom illustration and stationery boutique led by Lana Effron, you’ll find original, hand-painted designs that promise to brighten your day.

Lana Effron
Photo by Grace Fries.

Once upon a time in the bustling streets of New York, Lana Effron, daydreaming of greeting card glory, instead sketched her path through the illustrious corridors of Vogue as a graphic designer. Come 2012, Effron traded skyscrapers for the Rockies, and with it, established her thriving design studio. Welcome to Lana’s Shop—a beaming online boutique where every product tells a story of kindness, love, and hope. It’s not just about selling stationery or textiles; it’s about championing the art of personal touch in an increasingly digital age. Nice matters, after all. Today, Lana’s Shop is a nationally popular source for whimsical greeting cards, gift wrap, wallpaper, art prints, and more—all designed by hand, locally printed and packaged, and imbued with the belief that “nice matters.” This darling of Denver didn’t just catch the eye of locals, but also the moguls of retail. Nordstrom’ came calling for her nature-hued, smile-inducing designs, and icons from Crate & Kids to Anthropologie followed suit. Ready for a peek into the mind of the woman whose designs have wrapped the world in kindness and color? Dive into some musings from the ever-gracious Ms. Effron.

“I worked as a graphic designer at Vogue during the day and painted my heart out each night.”

“I went to school for art. It was all I ever wanted to do.”

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“By making the gift wrap tailored to each person—skiers for winter people, cats for your feline-loving friends—even the gift wrapping becomes an integral part of the thoughtful present.”

“I’m a shredder, not a saver. But I love giving presents more than I like receiving them.”

“Paper quality is really important. You don’t want to see ripped corners. You want it to be thick and luxurious—reusable even.”

“My paper is recyclable. Most gift wraps are not because the materials use glitter and other nonrecyclables.”

“Giving is my love language. I want every part of the gift to connect with the person—and I love it when people get excited about the present before even opening it.”

“Every space deserves wallpaper. While my designs are well-suited for children’s rooms, they have an elevated aesthetic that allows them to grow with the kids, making the wallpaper a long-lasting investment.”

“Thinking-of-you cards are my favorite because they always brighten someone’s day, without fail.”

“A lot of my cards are just a beautiful mountain range or a snowy slope. The best-selling ones are the blank ones. People often tell me, ‘I couldn’t give it away so I kept it and framed it.’”

“I’ve created wedding invitations and table adornments for some really extraordinary occasions, including Governor Polis’ wedding—each table featured a unique animal, the designs were super outdoorsy.”

“I collaborate with Anthropologie on tea towels—there’s a teacher appreciation design now and a Hanukkah collection coming soon. Twelve huge boxes of towels are arriving at my house any minute.”