Smooth Sailing

With "new year, new you" top of mind, many look for ways to improve things head to toe.

January is the perfect time to start fresh in all parts of our lives. From our homes to our relationships to our bodies— self-care is becoming more of a priority these days. Perhaps you have the urge for a new hairdo, a shopping spree, or a day of purging around the house (see page 84 in our January 2021 print issue for tips on reorganizing your closet). Or, perhaps it’s just time for a little attention to detail all over as our minds start to wander to the warmer months and swimsuit weather.

Baring All For Beauty

Salon Director Amanda Shoemaker has been waxing at LunchboxWax in Denver for four years. She says taking care of yourself from top to bottom is super important. As a Colorado native, she knows all too well what the frequent weather changes and high altitude can do to your skin. It gets dry! Shoemaker recommends that all skincare regimens (including upkeep down there) be a long-term endeavor. “Our target audience is everyone, but the majority of our clients are 25-55. Most of them are young professionals who live in the south/east part of Denver and Cherry Creek who understand the importance of staying on top of their personal self-care and pampering.”

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Tips for a First Timer

  • Grow your hair out at least two weeks if not more.
  • Exfoliate two days prior to waxing.
  • Take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment to help reduce pain.
  • Book your next appointment 4-6 weeks after depending on how fast your hair grows in.

Does it Grow Back Thicker?

While you can wax everything from your face to your arm pits to your privates, the question of whether your hair will grow back thicker (and darker) keeps coming up. But the simple answer is no. “The hair generally grows back the same and most people find that long-term waxing will result in less regrowth.” That said, the hair might seem thicker if it’s broken (a.k.a. cut from shaving) than if it’s removed at the root because it won’t have a tapered end. “The benefits of waxing long term are the reduction of the hair. After waxing long term the hair follicle will start to die off—and that’s why we advise monthly waxing will help keep the dead skin cells at bay because it is a form of exfoliation.” A big part of the LunchboxWax experience is their “cheeky, hip, and unique vibe” where raised eyebrows are a common after-effect of the services. “We are proud to empower everybody through waxing services that allow them to be confident, hair-free, and carefree.”