Healing Page-Turners

From ancient practices to health-conscious recipes, Roost Books has interesting reads to help us prioritize wellness this year.

The Stars Within You

Astrology may be a venture for some, but author Juliana McCarthy believes that the stars are in our favor. Inviting both zodiac newcomers and horoscope experts to the “enchanted land of cosmic myths,” McCarthy guides readers through their birth charts to stimulate introspection and balance, helping us understand where we are, how we got here, and where we’re headed.


Susie Ghahremani lets readers take the reins through this guided self-help journal. Ghahremani invites readers and writers to journal through the unpredictability of life, helping them discover revelations and reflect on the present moment.

The Essential Herbal For Natural Health

Author Holly Bellebuono includes the whole family in this endeavor to explore natural remedies for everyday use. Whether trying to find an organic way to soothe irritated skin or calm anxiety, Bellebuono encourages readers once again into the beneficial world of herbal remedies.

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The Healing Kitchen

The garden has healing powers, according to author Holly Bellebuono, and using our garden as an outpost for food and medicine promotes longevity and holistic health. By giving readers a beneficial breakdown of essential herbs and plants, Bellebuono guides wellness seekers through the endless possibilities of using herbs as a health charge in our homes.

Sacred Knots

Lise Silva Gomes introduces us to the unique practice of knotting to help readers ground themselves, live in the present, and focus on relaxation and calmness amid our busy lives. Tie yourself up with this new, self-care-centered hobby for the new year.


Author and nutritionist Mafalda Pinto Leite preaches the philosophy of food as fuel. Whether you choose to add some pearl powder to your morning cup of coffee, or opt for a healthier take on a classic meal, this must-have book stocks the pantry with raw vegetables, fruit, herbs, and superfoods for an invigorating addition to every dish and drink.

Living Ayurveda

A cookbook and lifestyle manual intertwined. Claire Ragozzino welcomes readers to incorporate the ancient practice of Ayurveda into their daily routines, with a holistic approach that merges food, breathwork, movement, and meditation, allowing individuals to connect mind, body, and spirit to stay balanced and level-headed.