Sleep Easy

When it comes to living your best life, Sedvana offers a way for women to be their happiest at bedtime.

BEST SELLER Sedvana’s best-selling piece is the Josephine Topper in Cloud, the brand’s unique take on a robe. It’s designed to be oversized and cozy while also edgy and modern. Photo by Kimberly And Raphael Molina

Translating to “tradition” in Swedish, Sedvana is a local, female-owned brand that strives to achieve timeless function. After working in fashion her entire career, founder Hannah Barry realized that most design decisions were made based on what sells versus what solves a problem. So, she decided to fill a void for women.

“There is a lot of sleepwear out there, but it all looks incredibly similar and was never really my style. When I set out to do my own thing, it was important to me that I was taking a part of this industry and leaving it better than how I had found it [by] focusing on innovation while also being mindful of its environmental impact and that it empowered women in its representation,” says Barry.

Why Sleepwear?

Barry advocates that as we age, sleep becomes less and less of a priority. “Our society seems to correlate a lack of sleep with high productivity.” Given this context, sleepwear doesn’t receive a lot of attention— it’s either old, stained clothes, a matching flannel set, or lingerie. “None of these options have ever felt like me,” she says. “I don’t feel creative or rested or confident in them. Sleepwear was also traditionally not designed to be super functional, so I craved something that felt like an extension of my [own] style but was also comfortable.”

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Timeless Apparel

Sedvana’s MO is to never create products just to create them; its pieces and shades are carefully chosen to be worn year-round. “Since traditional sleepwear is usually designed in thin, delicate materials that don’t withstand the test of time, longevity is an important pillar to us,” adds Barry. “We would rather you have fewer, better pieces in your closet.”

Making an Impact

Made for women by women, Sedvana helps customers of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable in their own skin. How Sedvana is portrayed is just as important as the design process. “We never style hair or use makeup at our photoshoots, nor do we edit blemishes, acne, stretch marks, or wrinkles. Bedtime isn’t about being cute, it’s about being natural and human, so we’re here to set realistic expectations for how women look at night.”