Simple 7 Step Weekly Pampering Ritual From Fig + Yarrow

Denver beauty company Fig + Yarrow unveils the secret to radiant self-care: a weekly pampering ritual with products so pure, you could just eat them up.

Woman performing a pampering ritual
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

Fig + Yarrow caught my attention in the age of sustainable, chemical-free goop where we want to know that the products we pamper ourselves with are completely guilt-free. These organic, small-batch, fairtrade, cruelty-free, and locally made beauty products check all the boxes. And, owner Brandy Monique says, “Our core products are made with 100% food-grade ingredients. Some could literally be eaten or turned into a beverage if one were so inclined.” Monique created the line following a pivotal meditation session. She was inspired to use “whole, pure, unadulterated, and nutrient-dense ingredients in the products—food for the skin.” Monique went on to design routines and rituals to guide people in using her products. For this weekly ritual, let the seven easy steps nourish your skin and spirit, leaving you with a radiant glow inside and out.

1Pink Love Candle Ceremony

Pink Love Candle
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

This is your moment to set intentions, express gratitude, and let everything else fall away. Monique encourages adopting a mantra at this point. If you don’t have one, you’re welcome to borrow hers: “Thank you for the abundance of beauty in my life; may I have the eyes to see it around me always.”

2Get Back to Basics

Use the gentle and non-stripping Palmarosa Charcoal Cleanser to ensure your skin is bare. Then, apply the Cleansing Nectar for a deeper clean that loosens dead skin cells.

3Herbal Steam Detox

Herbal Steam dried botanicals
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

Pour boiling water over a handful of the Herbal Steam dried botanicals in a large bowl. Create a steam tent with a towel large enough to cover your head and the bowl for a detoxifying sweat to open your pores. Monique recommends taking a mindful minute in this position to name the fragrances wafting through your nose and express gratitude.

4Face Mask Fiesta

Detoxifying clay mask
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

It’s time to layer on the detoxifying clay mask. Monique highlights the mask’s ability to oxygenate our cells, regulate sebum production, improve skin tone, detoxify, unclog, reduce pore size, and eliminate acne, eczema, and psoriasis-causing bacteria. For an extra luxurious application experience, use the Clay Mask Fan Brush to gently spread the clay across your skin.

5Wash It All Away

Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

Use the Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel or Natural Sponge, to exfoliant away the mask and reveal fresh, clean, and flake-free skin.

6Taking The Right Tone(r)

Cleansing Nectar
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

The Cleansing Nectar from Step 2 makes an encore as a multi-tasking beauty product that also acts as a nourishing toner.

7Lock It All In

Original Facial Serum
Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow.

Massage the Original Facial Serum into your skin for a plumping moisture surge, and relish the invigorated feel of your skin and spirit after dedicating time to a self-care ritual.