Meet Genevieve Smith of Magpie Painting

Interior muralist Genevieve Smith transforms empty spaces into vibrant, unique, and creative environments one wall—or ceiling—at a time.

Genevieve Smith
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

From blank canvases to vibrant panoramas, Denver’s own Genevieve Smith of Magpie Painting transforms spaces with bespoke murals, daring color stories, and intricate details. Unlike the flat aesthetic of traditional wallpaper, Smith’s work adds life and depth—every brushstroke imbuing the room with personality. Replete with dynamic patterns, bold colors, and a blend of traditional and contemporary influences, Smith’s murals are the antithesis of staid. Gone are the days of dull, single-hued walls. Smith brings depth, texture, and an engaging visual dialogue that even the most sophisticated wallpaper struggles to match. Whether it’s an abstract mood wall or a fine art piece on your ceiling, a Magpie mural is a unique narrative that evolves with the room. Smith’s philosophy: Treat every blank wall (or ceiling) as an opportunity, a canvas for expression. Bored of the monotony? Dive deeper into Smith’s creative process, her inspirations, and the whimsical world of Magpie Painting—a world that serves not just as an antithesis to the insipid but a testament to the transformative power of bespoke art as home decor.

“I specialize in hand-painted murals, paintings, and wallpaper. I have murals in restaurant spaces like Mimosa’s in Five Points and Milk Market in LoDo.”

“When I’m approaching a new space, I innately know when a wall is unsettled and needs to be addressed.”

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“Often, the blank canvas dictates the design. Over-preparing can be a waste of time. Making art is organic and it often flowers through the creative process.”

“When it comes to art, think outside the box. I work across creative mediums—cooking, painting, woodworking, ceramics…”

“I learned about glazing, marbling, wood graining, stencils, faux bois, stríe finishes, hand-painted faux-tile backsplashes, and faux wallpapers. But I focus on bringing my clients’ dreams to life.”

“Color and collaboration make me happy.”

“I become friends with my clients—80% are residential, and 20% are commercial or restaurant spaces.”

“My latest interest: realism meets children’s illustrations, expressing nature scenes, skyscapes, and landscapes along with abstracts and surreal themes that seem realistic in their own environment.”

“When I am not working on a project, I listen to records or putter in my vegetable garden. I found my own weird little groove and am so thankful for that.”

“Art supplies problem? The solution is in any junk drawer. You can make something amazing out of a paper bag.”