New Wilder Tile Collection by Angela Harris

The new Wilder collection by Angela Harris for TileBar is a maximalist’s dream.

Wilder collection by Angela Harris
Photo courtesy of TileBar.

Denver-based designer Angela Harris, known for her innovative aesthetic and commitment to sustainable design, has launched her latest collection, “Wilder,” in partnership with TileBar. With her trailblazing portfolio boasting multiple awards and unique collaborations, Harris demonstrates once again that design isn’t simply her profession; it’s her canvas for layered storytelling.

The Wilder collection paints a vivid tableau of a lush, tropical landscape on an 8′ x 8′ porcelain mural. The tiles, portraying exotic flowers and leaves in rich shades of brown, red, and purple, are more than a maximalist’s dream. They’re a testament to the transformative power of design.

Crafted in Spain, the Wilder collection tiles carry a matte finish with a fire-glazed overlay. Their durability makes them perfect not just for indoors, but also for outdoor spaces and pool areas. With 36 tiles forming a 48″ x 48″ mural, the mural brings a vibrant wilderness to your doorstep. The Wilder collection is a veritable feast for the eyes, a conversation starter, and a statement of personal style.

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In a departure from Denver’s customary mountain chic, Harris’s Wilder collection speaks to a broader audience of Denverites who appreciate the flair of the tropical.

There’s a hint of irony in bringing the “wild” indoors, a playful nod to the Denver citizen’s love for the outdoors. Yet, Harris’s meticulous work aligns perfectly with Denver’s sophisticated sensibility. After all, as Harris says, “Everyone deserves access to great design.”