Shop Now for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in Denver

Five stores you should check on your search for the perfect ugly sweater.

Authored by Martha Brinkman

Just kitschy enough to snuggle up to, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day has somehow made its way onto calendars the third Friday of every December. So, which one are you wearing December 20? They may not be the most flattering, but, remember, they are festive—especially when paired with a carol-playing, light-flashing tie.

Here are five places in Denver where you can buy someone else’s discarded one. 

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Buffalo Exchange (51 Broadway Street): There is a large inventory of Ugly Christmas Sweaters at the Broadway location and they release them mid-November. 

Regal Vintage (1866 S. Broadway): The sweaters are already out on the rack! Once they see the other stores roll out their Christmas decorations, they put out their inventory. They also have costumes, so you can go big as a human-sized bell or a snowflake if you desire. 

Goldmine Vintage (227 N. Broadway): They usually put out a rack of Ugly Christmas Sweaters after Halloween depending on inventory, typically within the first two weeks of November. 

Brand Spanking Used (Fort Collins): This “thrift-ique” has a nice inventory of sweaters and they usually put them out early November, so get there soon! 

ARC Thrift Stores: Each of the 30 stores will have a great selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. They started selling them right after Halloween and will keep them on the floor until Christmas.