On the Job With Lockhart & Co. Barbers’ Brandon Lockhart

In Jefferson Park, Lockhart & Co. Barbers’ Brandon Lockhart is reigniting Denver’s passion for traditional barbering with skill, nostalgia, and an unparalleled shave.

Brandon Lockhart
Photo by Paul Miller.

Walking into Lockhart & Co., tucked away across from Red Tops Rendezvous in Denver’s Jefferson Park neighborhood, feels like stepping through a time portal. The classic vibe—a melange of aftershave notes and the comforting hum of community chatter—invites you to surrender your modern-day stresses. Here, the legacy of classic barbering isn’t just preserved, it thrives, all thanks to one man: Brandon Lockhart. A transplant from Central Illinois, Lockhart had already ignited a revival of traditional barbering there, leaving behind an award-winning legacy of barbershops and the renowned Lockhart’s Barber College. Now, with a classic barber shop in Colorado since December 6, 2022, he’s on a mission: to give Denverites not just a haircut, but an experience—complete with clipper cuts, fades, and the luxurious touch of a warm lather neck shave. Sit tight as we dive deep with Brandon about his passion, his journey, and the art of barbering.

“My wife and I vacation a lot, and Denver became our favorite place in the country.

Hiking in the mountains was the main attraction. Being flatlanders, this is all just new to us.”

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“When we were looking at different locations in Denver, we wanted something that still had a sense of community—where you weren’t fighting for parking.”

It seems like everybody’s transplanted from somewhere. But I feel like the locals have rubbed off on the new people. Because even the East Coasters I meet out here seem like they’re pretty chill.”

The goal was to help restore the art of barbering.

Brandon Lockhart
Photo by Paul Miller.

We specialize in the classic stuff— straight-razor shaves and hot towels and fades. Everything you would expect from a traditional barber.”

“Before Matt [another barber at Lockhart & Co.] got here in March, I would travel to other barbers in the area and try to network with them and get my hair cut. Most of them were not offering shaves. Nobody was shaving the neck, very few straight razor services.

You can’t make many mistakes when you’re getting in there with a straight razor.

We’re chatting about opening a school here. We’ve analyzed other barber programs throughout Denver Metro, and there are no barber schools. There are beauty schools that have barber programs, but often the program is an afterthought.”

A single-blade shave is the best shave you’ll get. It’s also just a really nice experience.”

In prior generations, dads were teaching their sons how to shave with a single blade, a straight razor. But we see a lot of men come in all broken out on the bottom of their neck.”

When shaving, preparation is key. You wanna be shaving after you’ve had a hot towel or maybe you’re in the shower. Get the hair nice and soft and go with the grain. When you’re done going with the grain, you can go across the grain. Try to avoid going against the grain—it’s rough on the skin.”

Lots of mustaches. They’re hot in Denver.

Depends on the haircut. For the average person, come in every three to four weeks.”

“For every haircut, we shave the back of the neck—straight razor it, hot towel, alcohol, towel, all that good stuff. Our clients always say it’s the best part of the haircut.

Men don’t tend to pamper themselves. It’s nice to have that experience.”

“Yeah. Mullets.