Native American Art Celebrated by Toh-Atin Gallery

Featuring an array of Indigenous art, Toh-Atin Gallery provides the town of Durango with an outlet and well-kept respect for Native American artists.

Toh-Atin Gallery shelves with Native American figurines and pottery.
Photo courtesy of Toh-Atin Gallery.

The Southwest region of the United States is apparent with significant Indigenous artistic homages that are inherent to the culture and people. Durango is one of the many small towns in Colorado that exudes the beauty and conservation of Indigenous heritage, from the UNESCO World Heritage National Park Mesa Verde to the archeological sites and cultural practices of the Anasazi Pueblo population.

Look all over the Southwest and you won’t find anything quite like it. This area and small-town is endless with its efforts toward celebrating Native American art from both past and future generations. Toh-Atin Gallery is a dedicative and supportive environment for creatives looking to showcase and pay tribute to their Indigenous background.

Locally-owned by the Clark family, the Toh-Atin Gallery in Durango is an invaluable devotion to the representation, preservation and encouragement of Indigenous Southwestern art. “Sharing the work of Native people helps to keep their cultures alive and vibrant,” shares Gallery Owner Jackson Clark II, “The arts of the Southwestern tribes are the equal of any Indigenous culture in the world. We have worked with many of these artists for several generations. We are proud that they have chosen to share their works with the world through us.”

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A hidden gem, Durango offers an immersive experience for those looking to honor and recognize the land’s respective ancestral roots; Toh-Atin Gallery makes it possible to carry on while paying tribute to these traditions. Make sure you stop in for a visit if you’re in the area.