MASA Seed Foundation’s Work for a Sustainable Future

MASA Seed Foundation is cultivating community health and happiness through local biodiversity.

Field of crops at the MASA Seed Foundation
Photo courtesy of the MASA Seed Foundation.

In Boulder, a fresh take on wellness and environmental stewardship sprouts from the MASA Seed Foundation—a not-so-hidden gem is revolutionizing the way we think about health, community, and the environment. This bio-regional seed bank, occupying 24 acres in east Boulder, isn’t just about saving seeds—it’s about securing a sustainable future right in our backyard.

At MASA, the mission is clear: nurture organic seeds that will thrive in Colorado’s unique climate, ensuring our local food scene remains vibrant and resilient. The setup might remind you of any other farm around, with its community-supported agriculture (CSA) pickups and seasonal farm stand offerings. Yet, step inside the farmhouse turned seed store, and you’ll find yourself in a world of colorful corn, beans, herbs, flowers, squash, peppers, grains, and more, all part of a careful plan to adapt our crops to our challenging environment.

This local gem goes beyond simple farming. It’s a crucial player in adapting to our dry air, high altitudes, and clay soils, focusing on plants that can stand up to what Colorado throws at them. This isn’t just good for our plates; it’s vital for our food security and local economy.

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In the face of global supply chain disruptions and the looming threat of climate change, the foundation’s work in food security is more critical than ever. By stocking a diverse arsenal of seeds, MASA ensures that our community remains resilient, adaptable, and self-reliant. This is about having the right things to eat—the kind of things that support a balanced ecosystem and a healthy, happy community.

Volunteering at MASA offers a hands-on way to dive into this green revolution. There’s something for everyone, year-round, from fieldwork to seed packing, and even helping out with social media or event planning. Seasonal highlights include pizza nights and farm dinners, where the community comes together to savor the fruits—and vegetables—of MASA’s labor.

MASA also extends its green thumb to education and support for the community, including school tours and a farm-to-food bank program that delivers fresh, nutritious produce to those in need. At its core, MASA is about growing a community rooted in wellness, sustainability, and a shared love for the local environment.