Luxury Retreats in the Trees by Treecraft Design Build

Treecraft Design Build reimagines treehouses as luxurious, playful retreats.

Black Hawk treehouse exterior front
Photo courtesy of Treecraft Design Build.

Treehouse rentals have captured the imagination of modern travelers, offering Instagram-worthy aesthetics and secluded retreats that blend comfort with nature. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have experienced a surge in demand for these unique timber abodes, with many nestled in the Rockies. The treehouse-inspired dwelling pictured here was designed and built by Treecraft Design Build, a Fort Collins-based full-service firm specializing in custom treehouses, playhouses, playgrounds, and other small structures. The firm’s innovative designs have garnered attention from clients nationwide seeking a one-of-a-kind getaway with an eco-friendly touch.

Meet the Maker

After earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture, Aaron Smith founded Treecraft Design Build to bring luxury and innovation to treehouse designs. Raised in Virginia, Smith fondly recalls childhood memories of treehouses built by his father. As a father himself, Smith has continued this tradition, constructing a canopy cabin with his two sons in their Fort Collins backyard. His passion for sustainable architecture and childhood nostalgia fueled the creation of Treecraft, which has quickly gained a reputation for delivering dreamy, bespoke treehouses.

Rent The Roots

Treecraft’s creations range from traditional children’s treehouses to sophisticated structures like the Black Hawk cabin, which is complete with running water, electricity, heating, and AC. Treehouse construction presents unique challenges, such as insulating water supply lines and accommodating tree growth without damaging the host. Smith addresses these issues by using treehouse attachment bolts to fasten reinforcement beams, allowing the tree ample room to grow and sway.

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These custom-built treehouses often incorporate elements of the surrounding environment, seamlessly integrating the structure with the landscape. Skylights, large windows, and outdoor decks provide stunning views and foster a deeper connection with nature, while modern amenities ensure comfort and relaxation. Some even feature luxe touches like hot tubs, outdoor showers, and gourmet kitchens, elevating the treehouse experience to new heights.

With structural concerns addressed, Smith unleashes his creativity, turning treehouses into whimsical, playful spaces. “The best part is seeing the playfulness that comes out in our clients and their guests that experience our builds,” Smith says, “Yes, you’re an adult, but who says you can’t enter your house from a bridge and have trap doors in your floor, net lofts above your living room, or a bucket-and-pulley lift to haul snacks up to your deck?”

If you’re eager to unleash your inner child and embrace treehouse living, the Black Hawk cabin is available for rent on VRBO as “The Ultimate Treehouse and Cabin Experience.” Both VRBO and Airbnb feature a dedicated category for treehouse rentals, with options ranging from cozy cabins to multilevel structures, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Many of these treehouses not only offer unique accommodations but also promote sustainable tourism, using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs.