Death & Co Releases Range of Botanical Perfumes

Cocktail institution Death & Co created a fragrance that pays homage to Denver through notes of pine and cannabis.

Death & Co perfumes
Photo courtesy of Death & Co.

In a city that embraces the unconventional, Death & Co, the trailblazing cocktail institution with locations in New York, Denver, and Los Angeles, continues to push the boundaries of luxury. This time, they’ve partnered with Northern California-based de Kloka to create a trifecta of botanical perfumes inspired by their iconic bars.

Crafted by Jackie Brenner, the mastermind behind de Kloka Botanical Perfumes, the Denver perfume offers an ethereal olfactory experience that perfectly encapsulates the city’s cool mountain air. Imagine walking through a coniferous forest, the scent of vivid green pine absolute and fresh patchouli mingling with the earthiness of saddle leather. The heart of the fragrance is cool and green with Persian cypress and poplar buds, while fresh citrus top notes of grapefruit and lime evoke the aroma of dried hops and cannabis.

Brenner, a former mixologist and award-winning cocktail creator, found her true calling in the ancient art of perfumery. Her unique background allowed her to approach the creation of these unisex scents with the same thoughtfulness and finesse as she once did with her cocktails. “Capturing the essence of the Death & Co experience in perfume form was a sensory adventure down memory lane for me,” says Brenner. “I tapped into all of my past experiences in the bar world, the different sensations of sitting at a Death & Co bar, and the smells and textures they evoke.

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Botanical perfumes, known for their intimate and ethereal nature, are made from completely natural ingredients—a far cry from the overpowering synthetic fragrances we often encounter. These hand-blended works of liquid art are designed to wear close to the body, inviting reapplication and seamlessly complementing an evening of fine dining and drinking.

And speaking of drinking, Death & Co’s national beverage director Tyson Buhler has crafted three cocktails inspired by the scents. For the full olfactory experience, wear one while sipping the other.