Luxury Concierge: Allison Welch

When your day consists of serving celebrity clients and families around Denver, there's no time to get bored.

Photo by Jon Rose

Allison Welch, principal at As You Wish, has a job that many would die for. Not only is every day different, but she sets her own hours and works with a variety of high-end clients. Welch’s team consists of six total life-style concierges and event coordinators within Denver and Boulder. She also has a bevy of top-notch vendors on speed dial, such as a handyman, housekeeper, and moving company for last-minute client needs.

Tell us about your job.

“My job as the owner of a luxury personal assistant and event company is fascinating. Every day is very different, from managing a team of five, meeting with top-notch vendors, touring a new event venue, shopping for a client, or checking on their home while they are out of town. We must be flexible and very organized to serve clients in a timely manner.”

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Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

“Of course. As You Wish executes a confidentiality agreement for all clients as they are often quite private, including Broncos, Avs, and Nuggets players along with Rockies players’ wives when they are in town for the season, restaurateurs, luxury realtors, and past political figures. But note, everyone is busy, and everyone could use more time in their day.”

How did you start your business?

“After working as an event planner, executive, and personal assistant for over a decade, I created As You Wish in 2010. We provide customized personal assistance, concierge, and event planning services to clients. When a potential client contacts us, we know that they are BUSY, which is why we strive to alleviate stress and take items off their ‘to-do’ list. There are no contracts, no minimal hours, and invoices are sent at the end of each month.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Who you meet, what you get to do, and witnessing clients being able to spend time with their loved ones or doing the things that they enjoy as we create space in their schedule by holiday shopping, taking their car for an oil change, or planning their kiddo’s birthday party. We have been active members of the Concierge Association of Colorado for over a decade now, which is a huge honor.”

Tell us about the most unusual request.

“Well, we have had a few, but one that really stands out was an attorney who wanted
to give his beloved parakeet a bar mitzvah when it turned 13, as he didn’t have any kids and of course, wanted to celebrate. So, we created a ‘Chirp-Mitzvah’ event with a custom fruit cocktail and seed packets as a take-away gift for guests.”

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