Luxury Leathers by Vogelle

Italy inspired, locally made, Vogelle brings handmade luxury handbags to Denver.

Photo by Amanda L. Tromp

In the spring of 2019, Laura Vogel fell in love with Milan, Italy and leather handbags. She was studying abroad at the time and drawing inspiration by the way women dressed in Europe. “I noticed that the women wore much smaller bags that hung close to their body.” This inspired the first Colorado-based Vogelle design. “I already had the idea of starting a handbag company, but while I was in Italy everything seemed to fall into place,” she says. After networking to find the perfect leather manufacturer, Vogel returned home to Denver to launch her handmade Italian leather bag company, Vogelle. “My hope is to be at the top of women’s minds who are looking to elevate their look in a minimalistic and high-quality way.” Watch out for a new spring line coming early this February in exciting pastel colors.

Red Saffiano Leather is impeccably designed to fit perfectly under the arm or close to your body for security and handsfree living. Each Vogelle original purse is handmade and no two purses are alike. Chain Shoulder Bag in Red, $295

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