Lov’d: Boulder Vintage Denim Shop

Unraveling threads of style and sustainability at Lov’d, a vintage denim shop in Boulder offering personalized shopping sessions.

Melissa Keosann
Photo by Ashlee Burke Photography.

“There is a person for every pair of jeans on the wall,” says Melissa Keosann, owner of Lov’d, a vintage denim shop in Boulder offering personal appointments and curated styling. The store stocks around 500 pairs of vintage Levi’s, Wranglers, and Carhartts at a time, but you won’t have to battle your way through an imposing wall of denim that you often deal with at the department stores to find your perfect pair. Instead, Keosann will handpick styles for you to try on based on your preferences and body shape. Her clients’ favorite part, she shares, is that “we don’t tell people their size or even mention it during the fitting. Some people don’t want to think about their size, and they shouldn’t have to. All they need to focus on is if they like the way the jeans fit. I don’t even organize my jeans by gender.” Whether you book an appointment by yourself, bring your best friend, or turn it into a fun date with your husband, you will find bespoke jeans that carry a lot of character. “I just love the way they fade, develop whiskers, or have these little patched holes or sashiko decorative mending. I like to think about the stories each pair of pants could tell. Some of these jeans are from the ’70s,” says Keosann.

Lov’d carries a full range of styles, from long low-rises to big and boxy cuts. Keosann says she likes the baggy look and wants her jeans to fit like sweatpants. Less concerned with trends and more focused on timeless appeal, Keosann points out that her shop caters to the most important style of all. With trends coming and going in what is known as “nostalgia cycles,” recycling and upcycling denim is a great way to sustainably stay in fashion. Jeans are timeless threads you’ll want to hold onto. Whether or not a particular pair reflects the current zeitgeist, it will inevitably come back in vogue soon enough.

Keosann notes that another bonus of vintage denim is that it will not shrink or shapeshift in the wash or dryer since it has already been washed many times before. What you walk out the door with is yours forever. “I fit the person to the denim, not the other way around,” Koesann says. “No one should leave my shop needing to alter their jeans beyond a potential hem.” The jeans go for $259 a pair, and appointments are available at thisislovd.com.

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