Live Inspired Jewelry Line Supports Adaptive Action Sports

Double-leg amputee and Paralympic snowboarder creates a jewelry line to raise funds for her charity Adaptive Action Sports.

Photo courtesy of Tiny Tags.

Colorado resident Amy Purdy, a three-time Paralympic snowboarding medalist, is creating a jewelry line called ‘Live Inspired’ that aims to remind people to live every day inspired, regardless of life’s challenges. Based in Copper Mountain, proceeds of her new line will go to Adaptive Action Sports, a non-profit that teaches snowboarding to young adults and wounded vets with physical disabilities. It also trains and coaches athletes with disabilities full-time in preparation for the U.S. Paralympic Snowboard Team, many of whom just competed in the Beijing Games.

“Live Inspired has been my motto for the last decade,” says Purdy. “It’s a reminder to me, and hopefully others, to do the things in life that inspire them most and not simply focus on those things they have to do. Because when we are inspired, we work better, love better and live better.”

THE JEWELRY Mini Dog Tag Necklace available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14k gold. Photo courtesy of Tiny Tags.

Meaningful Muse

The centerpiece of the jewelry collection is the Mini Dog Tag necklace with the Live Inspired mantra on it. The Arrow Pendant, another prominent piece, has three arrows to remind you that sometimes you need to go backward in order to move forward. “Nothing in life is linear. Growth isn’t linear and success isn’t a straight line. We need setbacks, and honestly, we need to appreciate them more because that’s where our greatest growth happens. We need to normalize challenges because through them, we can go even further.”

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Proud Paralympic

Much of her artist’s passion comes from her struggles early in life. At age 19, she was diagnosed with Meningococcal Meningitis, an infectious disease, and lost both of her legs. Purdy did not allow the loss of her legs to mean the loss of her passion, however. She continues to live in Colorado, splitting her time between Denver and Silverthorne where she snowboards, ranking as one of the top adaptive snowboarders and the only double leg amputee to be competing at the world-class level.

“It’s great to be able to create such meaningful products and know they’re also contributing to a good cause!” Purdy has successfully intertwined her businesses to let her passion for fashion fuel the need for speed on the slope. “To me, snowboarding and being in nature is exactly what I mean when I say Live Inspired is to surround yourself with things that take your breath away.”

*Amy Purdy’s jewelry line is designed in collaboration with online retailer Tiny Tags.