Liquor Lockers: The New Dining Trend

The liquor locker dining trend is redefining what it means to be a restaurant’s regular.

The tequila lockers at Toro in Cherry Creek
The tequila lockers at Toro in Cherry Creek. Photo by LC Photostyle.

Imagine a dining experience where your favorite libations await your return, stored in your own personal liquor locker. It’s not a dream—it’s the latest trend that’s turning regulars into VIPs. Upscale restaurants are embracing this concierge concept, offering dedicated cabinets for guests to securely store their unfinished bottles purchased from the establishment, ensuring they are readily available for their next visit. Gone are the days of downing the last drop to avoid wastefulness. Now, your drinks will be there when you return, fostering an environment of regulars. Take, for instance, the renowned Guard and Grace, where a locker membership earns patrons complimentary tickets to the annual Rosé Party, access to limited-offered wines, and discounted rates on bottles to store in their temperature-controlled cabinets. Membership for Toro’s tequila lockers comes with an embossed card, discounts on bottles and cigars, and access to ticketed events and cooking classes. Tacos Tequila Whiskey provides a liquor locker membership where 100% of the proceeds go to charity. So, join the ranks of the privileged regulars and embrace this new era of VIP treatment, where your cherished spirits await your routine return.

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