Fashion: Comfortable Dancing Shoes

Style meets comfort when these dress shoes hit the dance floor.

Authored by Susan Fornoff

All too often, busting a move on the dance floor also busts a foot, and first thing Monday morning the Saturday night hip-hoppers are in the offices of Eugene Rosenthall, lead physician at the Center for Foot and Ankle Care in Denver.

“The biggest injuries are twisted ankles and sprained feet—tendon issues that’ll happen from turning your foot inward,” says Rosenthall. “I think high heels or unstable, unsupportive shoes can cause the injuries.” So we’re not klutzy. We just need to shop smarter for shoes with a better balance between cuteness and security. Rosenthall recommends a stiff shoe that’s well supported and not too highheeled, has a back for stability, isn’t flat on the inside, and doesn’t expose the toes to a partner’s missteps.

Ryan Dardano, a buyer and manager in the fourth-generation business Dardano’s Shoes, says over-the-counter orthotics, floor-gliding chrome suede soles, and a lowered heel can make even Sex and the City-style Manolos dancer-friendly. But these are probably better choices.

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Naot Brava in Black Velvet
“The beautiful thing is they come with a footbed that’s made of cork and has cushion, which is good for all-day use. And cork will shape to a person’s foot as they wear it, which means the shoe will become more and more supportive as it’s worn.”

Gabor Black Suede Criss Cross and Dark Grey Ankle Pump Dress Shoes
“Gabor in the U.S. isn’t a huge company, but in Europe it’s massive, and for comfort and quality, they’re fantastic. Some people might need additional support from an insert in a shoe like that.”

Dorking Abril Lace Heel
“Very similar to the Gabor in comfort and may have a little more cushion in the footbed. They’re a Spanish company, high quality.”

BeautiFeel Gia Leopard Print Pumps
“BeautiFeel’s going to have a lot more cushion in their footbeds, and now they’re integrating fashion. A lot of customers come in to have us put the dance sole on BeautiFeel shoes for specific dancing options, just because they are so soft and fit so well to the foot.”

Dansko Marlene in Wine
“In the comfort shoe industry, Dansko is pretty much the leader of the pack with support systems and comfort systems. And now they are making styles that are a little bit cuter, a little more on-trend.”

Dardano’s Shoes
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Center For Foot And Ankle Care In Denver
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