Latest At-Home Exercise Equipment

The latest at-home exercise equipment to help you get your New Year's resolution box checked.

Authored by Erin Malcolm

The New Year ushers countless changes into the lifestyles of many and it’s known all too well that health is often on the wish list. This year, swap the crowded, musty gym portion of your fitness resolutions for the latest at-home exercise equipment.

Deskcise Pro

This standup desk/stationary cycle hybrid allows its user to break a sweat while hard at work in the home office or catching up on the hottest TV series in the family room. The CES Innovation Award-winning machine is equipped with eight resistance levels to personalize activity, an adjustable seat and desktop for comfort, and wheels for effortless mobility. Kick your sedentary setup to the curb and start pedaling. $400.

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Stealth Professional Core Trainer 

When your go-to ab workout becomes stale, spice it up with this interactive planking-device that puts fun back into fitness through digital movement games. Here’s how it works: Open the Stealth gaming app on your smartphone, place your phone in the designated space on the planking platform, assume a plank position on the biofoam support pad, and play with 360° of motion. Your brain and the 29 muscles it targets will thank you. $300.



Tonal condenses your favorite exercise machines into one sleek, wall-mounted piece of touch-screen technology. A.I. coaches and a patented digital weight system personalize workouts; accessories such as a rope, bench, workout mat, foam roller, and even Smart Bar and Smart Handles that make adjusting weight as simple as the click of a button, ensure every aspect of your full-body workout can be accomplished in the comfort of home. $2,995.