Cold Comforts with Recoup Fitness

Denver-based Recoup Fitness is taking the athletic recovery market by storm with its line of temperature-focused products.

Authored by Erin Malcolm

Recoup’s compression sleeve soothes pain in arms or legs. Photo courtesy of Recoup Fitness.

For people living active lifestyles, proper recovery can be one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy, functioning body. In the words of Matt Hyder, former athlete and founder of RiNo-based fitness recovery company Recoup, “You only have one body, so you might as well take care of it. There are so many little things you can do daily to make your body feel better.” Recoup creates recovery tools to help people do just that. Used by everyone from NFL players Justin Simmons and Emmanuel Sanders to Colorado-born Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard, Recoup’s products equip people with hassle-free recovery technology that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

How It Began

What’s now a booming business in the fitness industry started in 2015 when then 22-year-old Hyder developed the prototype of one of the company’s leading products in his parents’ basement in Littleton. Hyder says, “I just wanted something different. The typical recovery methods like ice cups, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls weren’t giving me the relief I was looking for. So, in 2016, I started Recoup.”

Product Line

The company offers a portable cold-massage roller that holds its temperature for up to six hours and a cold-compression sleeve made with a BOA Fit System dial for personalized compression levels. Karissa Layden, Recoup director of brand partnerships, explains, “Our Cryosphere combines the benefits of a foam roller with trigger point massage, like that of a lacrosse ball, while applying cold to reduce inflammation. This releases pain-causing tension from muscles and joints, increases range of motion, and heals damaged tissues. Our Cryosleeve combines cold with compression, causing blood vessels to constrict and decrease blood flow. That restriction reduces swelling and inflammation, which alleviates pain in the area. When fresh blood flows, detoxification benefits and healing are promoted.”

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All About Access

“Our products are accessible to the everyday person, not just athletes,” says Layden. “For example, older people who have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or who are recovering from surgery say it’s been a lifesaver for those conditions.” Wondering how to get your hands on Recoup’s products? You can find them locally as well as online. Hyder says, “We’re mainly online and on Amazon, but our products are also at all the Boulder Running Company locations and at the majority of cryotherapy clinics here.”

What’s Next?

Says Hyder, “Heat is our main focus for next year. We will release our Thermosleeve, the first heated compressible recovery product, in March. Our Thermosphere, a hot version of the Cryosphere based around the Peltier effect, will launch in September.”

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