Krimson Klover’s Cozy Après-Ski Fashion

Slip into style and sustainability with Krimson Klover—not just attire, it’s a slice of your ideal lifestyle.

Krimson Klover sweater
Photo courtesy of Krimson Klover.

Krimson Klover isn’t merely designing clothing; the brand is cultivating a ski bunny’s dream aesthetic. This year’s line features high-quality sweaters, sets, base layers, and outerwear in playfully bright, eye-catching designs, perfect for the slopeside scene or a cozy day at home. “Après-ski fashion conjures up feelings of what we wish we were out doing: playing in the snow, and then sitting by a cozy fire enjoying our favorite hot beverage,” says founder and creative director Rhonda Swenson. “There is something so romantic about that vision.”

Prioritizing slow fashion, Krimson Klover uses high-quality, ethically sourced yarn in all its attire and works with third-party certification partners like The Good Cashmere Standard and The Responsible Wool Standard to ensure that all materials meet the brand’s requirements for minimally impacting the environment. “We believe all good things take time,” Swenson says. “We don’t rush through our hikes, bike rides, or travels. Why would we rush through our products?”

The team at Krimson Klover takes a yearly design trip to London, visiting all the best shops and art galleries. This season, they were inspired by the ’80s vibe they saw in sweater shapes, jacquard fabrics, and vintage prints. When asked about a few of her favorite items, Swenson highlights the Chalet Cashmere set, which flew off the shelves this Christmas, but the brand plans to restock it as one of its staples. “I think this is the best cable design we have ever done. Everyone in my office has at least one. I have three.” She also mentions the Lana sweater, knit with gorgeous alpaca yarn and hand-loomed in Peru, and the Amber, a nod to the 1970s with jacquard and nylon overlays and pockets.

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Cloaked in Krimson Klover’s aspirational designs, your wardrobe becomes a canvas for living your ideal life—a sartorial call to embrace the best version of yourself. Denverites interested in shopping the brand in-person can visit Baby Doe’s Clothing in Golden, Title 9, and Christy Sports.