Joshua Margolis Promotes the Ceramic Arts at Out of Step Clay

Three questions with Joshua Margolis, owner and founder of Out of Step Clay.

Joshua Margolis | June 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Joshua Margolis.

Joshua Margolis is on a mission to spread positivity. Through his teaching, retail and gallery space, he looks to advance the ceramic arts through creativity, community, kindness and compassion.

What does your studio offer?
“My studio is focused on supporting the community in a positive way whether through engaging exhibitions, unique handmade items for purchase in our shop or a fun class where you can learn to create your own masterpiece. Coming from a punk rock DIY background, while I welcome all those who want to learn, the root of my mission is championing individuals who have felt ‘out of step’ with the world, lifting them up and giving them a space to create with confidence.”

How did you get into this work?
“When I was a 14-year-old little punk kid, I followed my best friend to an arts Summer camp when I had zero arts ability. He took ceramics, so I took ceramics. But while there, I was encouraged for the first time in my life by a visiting instructor to continue working with clay. Her name was Toshiko Takaezu (little did I know at the time, but she was one of the greatest and most well-known potters of her generation). Up to that point I had never been told I was good at anything, and in school I was undiagnosed with learning disabilities that had me convinced I was the dumbest kid in school. It was with those kind words from Toshiko that I found the confidence to continue my journey with clay.”

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What are your ceramic classes about?
“The goal with Out of Step Clay was to create a space that could house both my love of teaching, and my passion for creating unique monsters and robots out of clay, as well as being a home for my children’s book series. The main focus of the teaching studio is to create a special community where students can come share creative ideas and experiences. All of my class offerings are geared towards beginning learners, but students with more experience are also welcome to join our classes. I offer classes for kids as young as four and all ages of adults. Adult classes typically run six to seven weeks long—and kids classes are about eight to ten weeks long.”