House of Colour Helps Determine Your Personal Color Palette

While the weather changes, your season always stays the same. Learn whether you’re a cool summer or warm autumn with the help of image consultant and confidence coach Heather Hope of House of Colour.

Heather Hope works with a client
Photo by Mary Amor.

Determining your colors is no longer as simple as being a warm- or cool-color person. Now, there is a season to describe every person’s color palette. Heather Hope, an image consultant at House of Colour, will help you determine if you are a cool winter who looks best in clear, icy, and bright colors with high contrast; a cool summer who radiates in soft, faded shades that blend well; a warm autumn who glows in rich, vibrant, and earthy tones; or a warm spring who shines in light, bright, and splashy hues. She does this by looking at the undertones in your skin to determine what will make your eyes and skin tone pop.

“House of Colour trains all of their franchise owners using the Bauhaus School of Art where true red sits at the center of the color wheel,” Hope says. “Then, when you add yellow, it moves into the warm top half of the circle. So warm autumns or springs would wear peachy tones of pink. To get to the cooler bottom half of the circle, you add more blue. So cool winters and summers would wear magenta shades of pink.”

Through this process, Hope can select the shades that look best on you, which makes picking out outfits and shopping much more targeted, effective, and fun. She also notes that people prefer to dress in neutral colors and will help match those to your skin tone. “Everyone loves black. They think it is slimming. But often, it doesn’t make you visible or help you show up in the world. Sometimes a gray or charcoal is actually more complementary to your skin tone while still being flattering and matching everything.

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“People come in wanting to know their colors, but really what they are looking for is confidence,” says Hope. “With one session, we are able to gift long-lasting confidence that allows you to show up in the world as your authentic self.” She has already worked with 1,200 clients, arming them with the knowledge and self-awareness they need to feel effortlessly confident. In addition to determining your season, Hope will also show you which lipstick colors match your skin tone. “When you wear lipstick, the message you are sending is: Read my lips. You are adding emphasis to your voice, but also to your face because the lips architecturally balance your eyes when properly accented.”

She also offers styling sessions and personal shopping but is experiencing quite the popularity boost, so be sure to book in advance as sessions are filling up.