Greenwood Cabinets & Stone, Inc. Designs Chef-Centric Kitchen

Greenwood Cabinets & Stone, Inc. is serving up kitchens that bid chaos farewell, opting instead for streamlined simplicity.

Finally, a kitchen that puts the cook at the center of the design process, not trends with a ticking timer. Neil Maday, president of Greenwood Cabinets & Stone, Inc., designs kitchen spaces that maximize homeowners’ culinary potential. In this Centennial kitchen, homeowner Lisa Mullineaux wanted a space that could accommodate her wildest baking challenges. “She purposely selected natural stone countertops to handle direct heat from baking sheets, which you can’t do with engineered quartz—it will scorch,” explains Maday. “The deep drawers to the left of the oven are home to her bakeware and ingredients. The high-powered exhaust hood will immediately transfer any odors or smoke outside. And the instant hot water faucet is useful for special baking recipes in addition to cups of tea.” With this new functional layout, gone are the days of frantic flour-covered searches for supplies because now everything is thoughtfully arranged within arm’s reach.

Maday explains that a “balanced work triangle” between the three main task areas—the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop spaces—is the key to functional design. Fill the areas between them with often-used items like dish towels, a knife block, salt and pepper shakers, and high-density cabinetry. Greenwood Cabinet specializes in maximum storage features such as deep drawers, rollout shelves, spice/knives/utensils drawers, recycling/trash pullouts, USB outlets, dimmable undercabinet LED tape lighting, and extra-deep wall cabinets that help keep your kitchen clutter-free. Having a specialized place for every tool in your collection also helps streamline the clean-up process and sets you up for future success.

The clean design also lends itself to a polished aesthetic. With light, natural wood tones, the kitchen blends nicely into the rest of the house. “The high ceilings further expand the open-concept feel,” says Maday. Open shelving lends dimensionality and visual interest that’s enhanced by the Sherwin Williams-Tricorn Black paint, which acts as the accent color in an otherwise Sherwin Williams-Polar White room. The pleated fabric shades and the Amalfi counter-height bar stools with seagrass backrests, sandblasted teak wood, and brass footrests add softness and warmth to the space. Details like the backsplash made with Sonoma Tilemakers’ Mirazar ceramic wall tiles in Anadulica with a matte finish, sourced from Crossville Studios, artfully elevate the space. And because “kitchen floors take serious abuse,” Maday suggests using “the highest quality floor finish possible, then screen and recoat every five years or so to prolong the floor forever.” As a result, from the foundation up, your kitchen will appear spotless.

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The timeless appeal of this kitchen shines through with its natural wood tones, creamy whites, and ceramic dishes. Through the windows, the outside greenery adds a pop of color that breathes life into the space. Overall, Maday describes the aesthetic as “sophisticated, yet warm and comfortable,” resulting in a kitchen that’s “inviting, bright, positive, clean, timeless, and classic.”