Get a Ural Sidecar for Your Canine Co-pilot

Your dog’s new favorite seat isn’t on the couch—it’s in an Ural Sidecar.

Ural motorcycle and sidecar on dirt road
Photo courtesy of Ural Motorcycles.

There’s a mystique to motorcycle sidecars; they invite intrigue. Ural, the world’s foremost producer of these three-wheeled marvels, is likened by Popular Mechanics to a “three-wheeled movie star” that can’t go anywhere without getting some attention: “Kids stare, men and women take photos on their phones, drivers accelerate to pass and give a hearty thumbs up.” Add a dog to this equation, and you’ve got a recipe for not just turning heads but drawing crowds.

So why are dogs seemingly infatuated with sidecars? The answer lies in their nature. Dogs are pack animals; they yearn for a collective adventure. An Ural Sidecar ensures the pack roams together. The experience isn’t just about racking up the miles; it’s about cherishing them. For those dogs that revel in the exhilaration of wind against fur, the Ural Sidecar becomes a regal perch.

With Ural Motorcycles’ Gear Up Base model, starting at a modest $20,000, riders are presented with a blank canvas, primed for personal flair. And for those craving unparalleled luxury, the 2023-launched Gear Up Expedition boasts enhanced features like tougher bike and sidecar protection and matching windshields, establishing itself as the opulent sidecar set-up you and your canine confidant never knew you desired.

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Ural motorcycle and sidecar
Photo courtesy of Ural Motorcycles.

Denver-based Colorado Ural is redefining adventure, merging the ruggedness of Ural with our love for pets. More than just a local dealership, this locale emerges as the nexus for sidecar enthusiasts, offering a curated collection of Ural merchandise and events, including the anticipated Mexico Copper Canyon Tour. When it comes to tricking out your three-wheeled ride, they’ve got you covered, tire to tail.

This May, Colorado’s Ural community paraded their pride at the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. This wasn’t just any ride. Clad in their finest, riders converged, classic bikes in tow, rallying behind causes close to their hearts: men’s mental health and prostate cancer research. And of course, sitting shotgun in several local sidecars were furry friends, looking quite dapper in their protective goggles, because safety never goes out of style.

In the end, sidecar escapades boil down to the heart of the experience: the voyage and the fellow voyager. Veteran riders concur—a canine companion transcends the journey from mere travel to an unforgettable adventure.