Cheers: Fit to a Tea

There are countless soothing variations of tea for different moods. These picks from Carole Alvarez, owner of the In-Tea Shop, which offers more than 180 loose-leaf options, will get you started.

Various loose-leaf teas
Photo by Emily Teater

Feeling thoughtful?
“Himalayan Gold from Nepal is straight black tea and is a good pick-me-up. This one has a lot of complexity, and is great when you’re in the mood to think about and really appreciate your tea.”

Feel a virus coming on?
“Our Wellness Blend, an herbal mix and not technically a tea, is caffeine free and has ginger, peppermint, licorice, orange peel, fennel, marshmallow leaf, clove, and echinacea. It boosts the immune system, helps an upset stomach, and, if you’re sick, helps you heal faster.”

“When people ask for my favorite tea, I can only answer with what I’m drinking right then because I love them all.” ~Carole Alvarez

Restless before bed?
“Calming Chamomile is made of Egyptian chamomile flowers, lavender, and peppermint. This is wonderful for bedtime because chamomile relaxes the body and lavender relaxes the mind. Then you have peppermint, which soothes your stomach.”

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Craving something sweet?
“Winter Mint features peppermint, rooibus, chocolate, and vanilla. Rooibus has more Vitamin C than orange juice, more antioxidants than green or white tea, and is a great immune booster. This is your dessert replacement: It tastes like a zero-calorie peppermint hot chocolate.”

Have a cold?
“Midnight Blue includes lavender, blue mallow blossoms, rose, lemongrass, and mango. If you’re congested, drink this hot and breathe in the steam. It will open everything up.”

Getting ready for date night?
“Strawberry Rose has rose buds, dried fig, fennel, licorice, raisins, hibiscus, and more. This is a very aromatic, romantic tea. It’s amazing steeped (for 10 minutes) in a glass of champagne.”

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