Fine Artist and Interior Designer: Meg Miller

Award-winning artist and designer, Meg Miller, brings new, creative twists to Denver.

Photo courtesy of Meg Miller

Meg Miller doubles as a fine artist and an environmental or interior designer who strives to balance a space’s energy and create harmony in every project, all while thinking outside the box.

What’s your background in art and design?

“My background is in advertising, so I’m self-taught in both art and design. I dove into both fields organically, out of my love for aesthetics and all things creative. Everything I know comes from lots of research (it never stops,) on the job experience, intuition, and my passion for what makes great design, old and new. It’s never too late to do what you love!”

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What inspires your work?

“Color, anything classic-modern era, and layering my design or art with ‘mixed media.’ I believe in eclectic styling so there’s always the right balance of materials, styles, colors, textures and one-of-a-kind pieces. I always like to seek out the balance of opposites like vintage versus modern or matte versus gloss.”

Photo courtesy of Meg Miller

What does your creative process look like?

“I never settle for the ordinary, so it takes twice as much work to find things that you won’t see everywhere. I also work from a very intuitive place rather than a technical one. If it feels right in my body, or if I have an instant hit of excitement about something, I know it’s right, even if it’s something new or yet to be created. If something feels off, or not as good as it could be, I don’t do it. I’ve learned to trust that. I’d say my process is also very fluid and evolves as the project evolves. I often procure or make things for one spot but they end up working better in another spot, so I just go with it. I also don’t work with formulas or within a rigid plan. For example, I found some large vintage panels from an old carnival carousel and knew that my client had to have one of them for her home, even though I didn’t know exactly where it would go. When we got it there, it found its place. It requires a lot of trust from my clients, but I’m lucky that they want to go on the adventure with me!”

What makes Denver an ideal place to create?

“Aside from being a proud, native Coloradan, Denver has evolved into such a cool and creative city! The food, culture, fashion, music, weather, nature, attitude and vibe are the perfect backdrop for creativity to percolate. It also helps that Denver draws a lot of young, aspiring creatives who are willing to take risks when it comes to art and design.”