Denver Clinics Offer High-Tech Body Contouring

A healthy glow comes from within but a sculpted and svelte physique comes from the cutting-edge technology at LoHi Lipo Laser and Aria Integrative Health.

Neo body sculpting
Photo courtesy of BTL Industries, Inc.

Beautiful bodies don’t happen by chance. It takes dedication and discipline to achieve optimal aesthetics. A lifetime of clean eating, professional ballet, and Pilates training left me with a toned body and a few major injuries. Coupled with the hormonal shifts of middle age and an increasingly sedentary career, my daily exercise routine isn’t cutting it anymore. As the pounds creep on and my muscles lose definition, despite my best intentions, I realize I need a new approach. And I need it now.

Enter Nick and Stephanie Tvrdik, the duo behind LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic and Aria Integrative Health. Taking the adage “my body is a temple” to the next level by focusing on functional health before aesthetics, the Tvrdiks aim to sculpt beautiful bodies while alleviating health obstacles leading to a sense of wellness unmatched by other clinics. “We don’t operate in the usual way,” says Nick. “We strive to optimize health, vigor, and aesthetics, leading to improved self-esteem and vitality.”

For me, the Tvrdiks suggests a bespoke noninvasive aesthetics action plan starting with the brand-new Neo technology. Combining radio frequency muscle toning with HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) fat-burning capabilities, the Neo permanently eliminates up to 30% visceral fat while breaking down lactic acid and alleviating muscle soreness.

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As I recline on a cushioned table, my technician Jenny straps the Neo paddles to my tummy, urging me to relax. Soon, my belly is bathed with a comforting warmth. Temperatures reaching 108 to 117 degrees Fahrenheit penetrate to melt stubborn fat. Simultaneously, the Neo went to work toning my muscles. As the invigorating heat ramped up, so did the convulsive action. With just one 30-minute session, I noticed a surge of elated energy coursing through my body. It is as if my muscles let out a sigh of relief at the ultrasonic stimulation. I left feeling rejuvenated and wanting more. My posture instantly improved and my abs seemed taut. Fat elimination takes six to 12 weeks and Nick recommends two to four treatments per site for optimal results.

With 19 gold-standard devices and additional applications ranging from tightening loose skin, repairing the pelvic floor, and correcting hyperpigmentation to microneedling and resurfacing facials, LoHi Lipo Laser and Aria Integrative Wellness are the best in class. “With the help of cutting-edge technology, we can exceed our plateaus and attain unbelievable outcomes,” says Nick. “The end goal is to feel as great as you look.” An ardent believer in fusing Western and Eastern modalities, Tvrdik’s approach is a refreshing tapestry of functional health, pampering, and highly effective body contouring technology.