Cook Street Offers Hospitality Management Program

For those culinary lovers looking to step into a front-of-house role, Cook Street’s Hospitality Management Program teaches you how to run a restaurant.

A Cook Street Hospitality Management Program student learns how to set a table.
Photo courtesy of Cook Street.

Cook Street first offered the Hospitality Management Program from May 23rd to July 15th with smashing success. Back for their second round, the next session runs from November 7th to January 31st for a 12-week program Monday through Friday evenings from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. “The program helps chefs move into the front of house, run a food truck, cater and do other things outside of the traditional restaurant. It also helps someone new to the industry move up into a management position,” says Lindsey Reese, Owner and Director of Cook Street.

Basic Budgeting, Bartending and More

In this course, students learn about human resources, restaurant management, accounting, bar management, beverage service, restaurant marketing, sustainability, customer service, food safety and laws and regulations. “Customer service is everything. In the hospitality industry, you have to make sure everything is focused on the customer,” says Keith Parish, the Program Instructor. “Then, some of the more logistical skills like accounting and HR help the restaurant run smoothly and make the staff feel appreciated. And food safety is something you can’t focus enough on. Nothing makes or breaks a restaurant faster than bad food.”

The course is mostly lecture-based with hands-on activities to learn about stocking, storing and pouring from the bar and role-playing exercises in customer service. The intensive course moves quickly and attendance in every class is paramount. Only one class a week is in-person and the overall pace is meant to get students into the industry quickly. “Our Hospitality Program, just like our Culinary Program, packs a lot in because we are trying to prepare students for the workforce and they can’t work as long as they are a student taking intensive classes,” says Reese. The application process is rolling and currently accepting applications through November 9th.

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