Colorado Mountain Jam Preserves Delicious Palisade Fruits

Indulge in the mouthwatering goodness of Colorado Mountain Jam, crafted with only the finest ingredients.

Colorado Mountain Jam

Colorado Mountain Jam’s artisanal blends are made from as few as three wholesome ingredients. Owner Brian Olesen and his wife say they are “fruit growers first, jam makers second.” Accordingly, all 31 specialty jams are packed with fresh, naturally sweetened, and flavorful fruits from the couple’s orchard in Palisade. The jams have won prestigious international awards at the Specialty Food Show, which Olesen calls his equivalent of an Academy Award.

Find Your Flavor & Pick Your Pairing

From the innovative jalapeño peach to the classic cherry pie, the flavors captivate both your imagination and your tastebuds. (Denver Life Magazine used the brand’s creative fig balsamic jams in the over-the-top delicious s’more featured on the cover of our June 2023 edition). Colorado Mountain Jam has also ventured into experimenting with wine and beer jellies that authentically capture the flavors of what they represent, whether it’s the raspberry wheat beer belly jelly or the Merlot wine jelly. To make the wine jellies, they often collaborate with local wineries like Talon Wines and Grand River Vineyard and use the finished wines—not just wine grapes. Try the wine jams warmed and served over vanilla ice cream or with baked brie, or spread a beer jelly over your burger.

Despite their sweet taste, the jams have minimal amounts of added sugar. Ripening under the hot sun with cold nights provides an ideal environment for naturally sweet fruit. With one of the lowest calorie, sugar, and carbohydrate contents on the market, each jam is a celebration of nature’s bounty in a jar. To stock your shelves with the specialty, head to Peppercorn in Boulder, Golden Sweets in Golden, any Natural Grocers, or order direct online.

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