Brooks LTD Rules Denver Fashion

Stand out and stand proud with an original Brooks LTD dress, custom-tailored for you.
Brooks LTD Models: Ricardo Mejia

If you’re heading to a special event this summer, chances are you’ll need an equally special outfit. Why go with a dress that someone else might be wearing when you can have an original made just for you?

Before she became the owner of Brooks LTD, Brooks Luby, a Colorado native, left to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Even though she lived in one of the “big four” fashion capitals, she wasn’t yet ready to begin her career, so she returned home to first get a degree in fine art. Then, in 1974, she finally began her professional life as a couturier and founded Brooks LTD—she’s been creating garments for women ever since.

Creating a custom dress is no simple task. Before embarking on a client’s one-of-a-kind dress journey, Luby says, “It’s nice to know what your reasons are for getting a custom-made dress.” If you’re after a dress to wear to a gala, that factors into how the dress will look.

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Brooks LTD: Hardy Klahold


Luby will take your event, body concerns, and color requirements into consideration and sketch up a few designs for the gown. After deciding on which idea you like best, measurements are taken and the fabric is chosen, and a prototype of the ensemble will be made for your first fitting. A few more fittings and tweaks later, your gown will be pressed and ready to wear. Overall, the process takes six to eight weeks and pricing begins at $800.

Don’t let all that time deter you, though. The main reason why custom pieces are worth the extra fuss: the fit is better.

“Not all bodies are the same, so if you have long arms or long legs, it’s really not an alteration that is done; it’s made to measure.”

One thing Luby’s trying to help women understand is how the construction of a garment matters for its fit. She says you should wear clothes that are good for your body type, not just something that is trending.

Brooks LTD, 1616 14th St.