Cherry Creek’s White Peacock Brings the Registry Back

White Peacock shows young couples how to refresh an old tradition.

Photo courtesy of White Peacock

Doug Parsons has a theory about why few Denver stores maintain a bridal registry anymore: “It could be that thing where you tend to rebel against what you grow up with.” That said, his year-old Cherry Creek venture (with longtime local partners in The Brass Bed nearby) is staging its own rebellion, endeavoring to show young couples how to assemble china and everyday pieces in ways that look fresh and exciting. The couple makes an appointment, maybe with family and friends in tow, and is greeted with champagne served in Baccarat glassware and given an interactive presentation of china and crystal, 2020 style.

“It’s not like my mom, who registered for a pattern,” says Parsons. “Now you pick out a charger, and then something from another company, and another. And you end up with your own, special thing.”

Adds White Peacock associate Lily Neubert: “We have this beautiful, modern space, so people can put together these china patterns in a contemporary room and see how beautiful it can look. It doesn’t look old lady or too traditional. It’s fun! And it’s kind of sexy!”

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Here’s a sample of the unique wares to be found at the White Peacock, with comments from Parsons.

Photo courtesy of White Peacock

Oriente Italiano from Richard Ginori 1735.
Dinner plate, $95. “People have been flipping over the colors and how you can mix them. It’s hot.”

Photo courtesy of White Peacock

Bunny figurines from Herend.
Starting at $295. “These are hand-painted in Hungary and they fly out of the store.”

Photo courtesy of White Peacock

Pebbles collection from Moser Glassworks.
Stemless martini glass, $150. “These come in different styles and colors, and they also do beautiful vases.”

Photo courtesy of White Peacock

Acrylic flatware from Sabre (Paris).
Salad set, $34. “Fun, bright, and colorful for spring.”

White Peacock
china, glassware, gifts
2440 E 3rd Ave.