Best Workouts That Blend Fitness and Fun

Women in fitness class
Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Elevate your summer fitness game with these three inventive workouts that blend fun, music, and movement for maximum enjoyment.

Sitting by the Pool for Your Six Pack

Coloradans know that getting outside for their favorite activities is the best way to workout. So yes, sitting by the pool can be your cardio, as long as you are engaged enough, i.e., taking laps between tanning, running back and forth to the poolside bistro, and keeping up with the kiddos. And we have just the pool for you. The outdoor leisure pool at the new Life Time Denver West, with its bright blue slide, beckons children and families for fun-filled bonding, and the adults get their reps in at the Olympic-sized lap pool. It’s a slice of summer in the heart of Colorado, offering a much-needed escape from the landlocked landscape.

Drum Roll for Wellness

Get ready to rock your way to mental wellness and physical fitness with Pound Unplugged. The powerhouse fitness company capitalizes on people’s love of music and the physical exertion of drumming by offering a 30-minute class focusing on mental health. The workout combines 20 minutes of high-intensity training using Pound Fitness’ signature weighted drumsticks with 10 minutes of rhythmic breathing and meditation. You’ll sweat through standing exercises and challenging mat work, then unwind with restorative stretching and mindfulness. Designed to boost your mood and leave you feeling recharged, this is more than just a workout—it’s a dance party for your mind and body.

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Get Your Cardio Climbing

If you’re a social climber with a knee injury, take a break from running and HIIT and try Climb at Transform Colorado’s locations in Denver and Boulder. These low-impact, high-energy classes take place entirely on the Versaclimber—a vertical machine with two handles and two pedals that mimic the natural motion of climbing. Think of the workout like a walking-spin hybrid in a motivating group setting—all you’ve just got to step to the beat. The 30-minute, calorie-busting classes are filled with dynamic choreography, sensorial lights, and banging track lists. More than merely energy-burning cardio sessions, Climb also packs a strength-training punch. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.