Bashkin Guitars: In Harmony With Nature

Discover the harmony of Bashkin Guitars, where nature meets music in perfect tune.

Michael Bashkin holding a Bashkin Guitar
Photo courtesy of Bashkin Guitars.

To say that Michael Bashkin understands wood would be an understatement. Incredibly in tune with the natural material, he can spot subtle nuances in the grain, hear the resonance, and even sense the personality encapsulated within each unique piece of timber. The guitars he makes are meant to be harmonious extensions of nature’s beauty. To Bashkin, wood isn’t just a material; it’s a living entity with a story waiting to be told.

Pick Your Partner

Bashkin Guitars offers four main models to cater to the styles of all acoustic guitarists. For those who prefer to play with their fingers rather than picks, The OM is a modern take on the orchestral model—comfortable to play with clear note separation for composing. Looking for something with the presence of a larger guitar with the same clarity of a smaller orchestra model? The midsized dynamic contemporary JM model has you covered. Or, go even bigger with the instrument Bashkin refers to as “the big, warm daddy.” The SJ delivers enormous depth and richness in sound, making it a go-to for musicians seeking a bold and powerful experience. And finally, the 00 is a small, fast, versatile player with a sweet sound, perfect for artists who crave agility and responsiveness in their music.

Once you pick your model, together you and Bashkin will select the perfect tonewood to bring your melodies to life. His personal favorites include pau ferro, which is similar to rosewood with dense tropical hardwood that adds warmth and depth of presence to the sound, and Italian spruce, which is lightweight, stiff, and stable—three key characteristics you want when building acoustic guitars.

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From the OM’s finesse to the SJ’s grandeur, each Bashkin guitar isn’t just a musical instrument; it’s a vessel through which melodies and emotions flow, connecting the player with the soul of the wood. So, which Bashkin guitar will you choose as your partner on your musical journey?