Adam Branz’s Favorite Sandwich

Executive chef Adam Branz of Ultreia extols his favorite vegan sandwich.

Adam Branz
Photo by Rachel Adams

“I used to pick, snack, taste, and dip my way through a shift,” says Ultreia’s executive chef, Adam Branz. But after a cholesterol scare, he went vegan. Today, “I appreciate this lifestyle more than I ever thought.” One of Branz’s fave dishes: Watercourse’s smoked jackfruit sandwich. “I’m from St. Louis, and barbecue holds a big place in my heart. A good BBQ sandwich is a showcase of balance—fat, acid, salt, sweetness—and textures—soft, crunch, chew. This sandwich is all of the above. And it bridges the gap between who I was before and who I am now. I also like big, sloppy bites. I love how a sandwich feels in my hands, soft and at the edge of falling apart. I thought these sensations would fall by the wayside, but Watercourse has kept them alive.”

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