5 Rules for Picking the Perfect Instrument

Neighborhood Music’s general manager Sophie Lichens walks us through the daunting task of picking the pitch-perfect instrument to accompany you on your new musical hobby.

1Pick an instrument that works for you.

Every person is different and so is every instrument. Do you have asthma? Don’t let that hold you back. Playing a wind instrument actually helps students with respiratory issues become more conscious of their breathing, lowering the chances of an asthma attack.

2Play the tunes you love.

Identifying the sounds that resonate with you is essential in your search for the right instrument. A drum set could be an excellent option if you’re a high-energy person who loves rock anthems. Or, if you’re a jazz aficionado, a saxophone may be a great choice to emulate your favorite sounds.

3Explore your options.

Don’t feel pressured to stick to one instrument. Trying different instruments can broaden your musical perspective. The essential components of music theory, like scales and reading music, will always translate between instruments.

4Know your budget.

Prices for instruments vary greatly, so consider your budget before deciding on one. For affordable options, browse introductory instruments like the ukulele or the recorder. Look for used instruments, or consider renting to determine what instrument works best for you. Understand that professional-quality music makers are a significant investment, although they typically sound and feel better to play.

5Talk to experts.

If you’re unsure where to start, call your local music school and express your interest in learning a new instrument. They’ll talk you through the basics and offer some recommendations. Having the support of an expert can guide you in your new musical expedition.