5 Rules for International Travel

Tourists sightseeing
Photo courtesy of Macs Adventure.

UK-based self-guided hiking and cycling tour specialists Macs Adventure chose Denver for its North American HQ, so we asked the U.S. sales director Jasper Verlaan to share his insights on mindful international travel.

1Be mindful.

As a visitor, honor your role and show respect. Our perspectives are shaped by our communities, upbringing, and beliefs, so keep in mind that views may vary across countries. Do some research in advance, as some behaviors considered acceptable in your culture may be deemed disrespectful elsewhere. Learning basic phrases in the local language is a good way to enhance your enjoyment of the people and places.

2Support Local.

Engaging with small businesses is at the heart of what Macs Adventure does, and Verlaan encourage others to follow suit. Your spending choices can significantly impact a community and its local economy, so think small. Try regional cuisine at family-owned eateries and shop at mom-and-pop boutiques. Every dollar spent locally supports the community and its families.

3Leave no trace.

To keep beautiful places beautiful, travelers must be aware of their impact. Minimize your carbon footprint by avoiding single-use plastics and packing out what you bring. By minimizing our influence, we help safeguard our surroundings for future generations. Courtesy towards the environment, wildlife, and locals is essential.

4Embrace new experiences.

Enrich your journey by immersing yourself in local customs, people, and cuisine—cultural engagement fosters personal growth and broadens your perspective. Venture beyond your comfort zone to discover different ways of life and you just may discover something about yourself, too.

5Savor the moment.

Slow down and deliberately appreciate your surroundings. Try biking through town or walking instead of driving. Not only are these sustainable travel options, but they also reveal unique sights that might otherwise go unnoticed.