5 Rules for Home Staging

Living room designed by JL Interior Design.
Photo courtesy of JL Interior Design.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just spruce up its style, Jennifer Lowry of JL Interior Design gives us five guiding principles for arranging your furniture and decor.

1Capitalize on space

The quick and fast rule for staging spaces is to make them feel as spacious as possible. Clear traffic paths of furniture and make sure they are not too narrow. On the other hand, a larger space may feel empty or vacant. Placing larger furniture shows a prospective buyer the space’s potential. Remember that you can always remove furniture from a room or rent more to fill it up.

2Light it up

Natural light is very important, so be sure to open your blinds. Hire a window cleaning company to wipe away unwanted prints. Transitional light fixtures are a great way to update the property without changing the style of the home. If you are having the space photographed, make sure the photographer is aware of any cabinet or under cabinet lighting that should be displayed.

3Add texture

Layering textures in neutral tones can add a lot of definition and detail to a space without making it feel crowded, heavy or dark. Mix it up with mirrors— foyers, entries and hallways are great places to put a mirror since there aren’t always windows.

4Adorn the walls

For wall decorations, neutrals and earth tones with an occasional pop of color make a bold statement that accentuates the bones or hard elements of the property. Steer away from words and brand logos that make the space feel too personal, and be sure to put those precious family photos away somewhere safe.

5Recruit a pro

Regardless of the state of your home, a staging consultant can always help. They can assist in determining the priorities, from rearranging furniture to positioning the home well for the neighborhood market.