5 Best Fire Department Programs

Greg Pixley, Denver Fire Department Captain, Public Information Officer and veteran firefighter of 30 years tells us about the fire department’s best programs.

Denver Fire Department Captain Greg Pixley | June 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo by Matt Nager.

Since 1985, Greg Pixley dawned the iconic firefighter helmet before trading his fire hose for the microphone. For the last seven years, he has been putting out fires with the public instead of the land by spreading information on fire safety and prevention including the following programs.

1Emergency Procedure Training

All businesses, institutions and multi-family homes are responsible for creating an emergency plan. This program helps develop those plans and practice essential fire drills.

2Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

The Denver Fire Code requires that portable fire extinguishers are present in homes and businesses. This program teaches people how to confidently tame the flame.

3Safe Haven Program

One of the fire department’s best-known programs accepts newborn babies when mothers cannot care for the infant themselves. Firefighters stationed at any firehouse in the state will accept infants three days old or less no questions asked.

4School Fire Safety Training

The Denver Firefighters Museum is a great educational resource. The program addresses classroom concerns with fire—fire setting, experimenting with fire and student’s burns.

5Youth Fire Stop

According to the Denver Fire Department, 50% of fires are started by kids. This integral fire program provides the intervention kids need to learn about the harm they are causing their community and natural surroundings.