40 North Designs: Custom Sprinter Van Builds

Van life gets an upgrade with the custom builds by Colorado’s 40 North Designs.

40 North Designs sprinter van
Photo courtesy of 40 North Designs.

In the realm of small-space living, Kyle Doman and 40 North Designs are redefining the concept of home, extending its boundaries far beyond the traditional confines. At the heart of the brand’s philosophy lies the belief that adventure shouldn’t mean compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Through meticulously handcrafted sprinter vans, 40 North Designs merges the freedom of the open road with the warmth and detail of a modern home.

Doman, who studied architecture before becoming a custom furniture maker, embarked on this journey from the confines of a modest garage. His initial venture into van outfitting was personal—a quest for a space that could carry him and his wife into the wild with the comforts of home by their side, two dogs included. This venture evolved into 40 North Designs, designing custom sprinter van builds for those yearning to explore without sacrifice.

At the core of 40 North’s design philosophy is a balance between aesthetic and utility, achieved through bespoke craftsmanship. “We create everything from scratch,” Doman says. “Just because you’re out on an adventure doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what you want out of your space.”

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The core of 40 North Designs’ work is balance—a blend of modern design and functional living in a compact space. From the layout of living essentials to the choice of materials and colors, everything is customizable. “There are a lot of exterior modifications that people can do that don’t change the interior layout,” Doman says. “Everyone in Colorado is so active, and adding a garage to the back of the van allows them to pack their hobbies in there.”

Doman’s own van serves as 40 North Design’s flagship model. This “demo van” is a clean, professional iteration of his original design, equipped with a gear garage, small kitchen and table, dog bed, and clever storage solutions. Doman says, “My wife really wanted an inside shower, but I generally prefer more floor space. So, we designed the shower to double as closet storage when not in use.” (There’s also an outdoor shower.)

Beyond mere transportation, these vans are a lifestyle statement. They offer freedom from the conventional, a chance to chase the Colorado sunrise with everything you need in tow. From mountain biking to winter sports, Doman’s creations cater to the active Coloradan lifestyle, incorporating his firsthand knowledge into every build. “If you spend a lot of time outside, it’s such a game changer,” he says. “This is like a mobile cabin on wheels.”