Top of the Line Fishing Gear From Colorado’s Ross Reels

Ross Reels inspires fly fishing innovation and adventure one reel at a time.

Ross Reels | Made in Colorado | June 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Ross Reels.

When it comes to detail and accuracy, no outdoor sport brand does it better. With a mission to inspire adventure, elevate the fly fishing experience and encourage anglers to catch more fish, Ross Reels produces top-of-the-line products that are built for a lifetime. And, it shows.

Based in Montrose, CO where the company has proudly called home for well over three decades, its reputation and reels have garnered various recognitions amongst the nationwide fishing crowd. In fact, over the past 49 years, Ross Reels has been the recipient of more industry “Awards in Excellence” for innovation, dependability and performance than any other fly tackle manufacturer in the world.

What’s New

Mayfly Outdoors is the proud owner of Abel Reels, Ross Reels and Airflo Fly Lines—three companies, three locations and one world-class team. “Our Abel brand launched a new fly reel this Spring known as the ROVE. We are also introducing a highly anticipated new nipper that will be shipping for the first time in late May,” says Jeff Patterson, Director of Sales at Abel & Ross Reels, Airflo North America. “Each of those products received a ‘Best of Show’ award at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in March.”

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The Ross Colorado fly reel was released last year and is among the best sellers for the Ross brand. And recently, Airflo introduced a new Ridge 2.0 freshwater and saltwater line that won the best new fly line award from Fly Fisherman Magazine’s annual Gear Guide.

Ross Reels | Made in Colorado | June 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Ross Reels.

What’s Next

So, what can you look forward to this Summer? Patterson adds, “Delivering product! Our teams have worked really hard over the last year designing award winning new products—and it’s up to us to continue delivering them throughout the Summer.” He also shares that angling has become a lot more mainstream, which is exciting.

“As a longtime employee here myself, it’s great to see the number of new anglers getting into fly fishing for the first time. It used to be kind of a niche type sport. We believe that the growing number of younger anglers that are fans of our custom anodizing, and attractive polyurethane fly line colors, have contributed to our brands additional success too.” And, whether you’re a fisherman or not, we tend to agree.