Thrills and Chills

Fans Of The Fast-Paced And Twisty-Turny: These Are The Thrillers To Have On Your Shelf This Season. As Selected By West Side Books.


Kingdom Of The Blind

By Louise Penny (November 2018). Three unsuspecting people are named executors of a stranger’s will, an old woman they’ve never met. The bizarre circumstance calls the woman’s sanity into question—that is, until a body is found. One of Kirkus Reviews’ best novels of 2018.

Hope Never Dies

By Andrew Shaffer (July 2018). Silly, clever, and totally off-the-wall. Fictionalized versions of Joe Biden and Barack Obama team up as a crime-solving duo to unravel the mysterious death of Joe’s favorite railroad conductor.

The Name Of The Rose

By Umberto Eco (1980). An obvious predecessor to more recent hits like The Da Vinci Code, this classic thriller takes place in 1327 in an Italian monastery, where seven peculiar deaths occur out of nowhere. It’s up to Brother William of Baskerville to investigate, breaking codes and deciphering symbols along the way.

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The Outsider

By Stephen King (May 2018). The inexhaustible King has, once again, knocked it out of the park. Terry Maitland’s fingerprints are found on the corpse of an 11-year-old boy, and he is promptly arrested. But when the investigation uncovers a more troubling truth, we’re left wondering whom we can really trust.

The Alienist

By Caleb Carr (1994). It’s 1896 in New York City, and newspaper reporter John Schuyler Moore has been called upon to solve the mystery of a murdered young boy. He and Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a well-known alienist, begin to uncover the identity of a dangerous killer, winding their way through a plot that includes appearances from historical figures like J.P. Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt.

The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three

By John Godey (1973). The New York subway system is scary enough on a normal day; try being inside while it’s being hijacked. Four gunmen hold a car of 17 people hostage, and there’s no easy way out. Adapted into two films, in 1974 and 1998, this brilliantly paced nail-biter has been a favorite among thriller fans for decades.

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