The Broken Cage’s The Wallflower Cocktail Recipe

Just off Platte Street, the lush social cocktail parlor The Broken Cage crafts herbaceous libations to make even the shyest among us sprout.

The Broken Cage's The Wallflower Cocktail
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

“This romantic little libation tastes like a smokey paradise with hints of lavender/pea flower tea, coconut extract, mezcal, elderflower liqueur, and our house-made sweet and sour mix.”—Andrea LeGros, craft cocktail bartender, The Broken Cage

The Wallflower Cocktail

Course Cocktail
Servings 1


  • oz mezcal
  • ½ oz elderflower liqueur
  • ¾ oz house made sour mix (*)
  • ½ oz burrata water
  • ½ oz lavender/pea flower tea
  • 5 drops coconut extract


  • Build this drink in a shaker tin by pouring all ingredients along with ice into the tin. Shake for 12 seconds and then double strain into a large coupe. Garnish with dried pea flowers.


*Skip the store and get your sour mix straight from the source. Ask the bartender at The Broken Cage about buying a bottle to take home
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Ask the Bartender: Andrea LeGros

What makes Broken Cage unique?
The Broken Cage is unique for many reasons, and I think my favorite is that although it is a craft cocktail parlor, it has a casual neighborhood bar feel. You can either dress up for a date night or come in after a long day of skiing just to enjoy some drinks. The ‘come as you are’ vibe should be our motto.

What is the inspiration behind the Wallflower?
This amazing concoction was created by the owner herself, and she was inspired to create a cocktail that combined unlikely flavors such as smoke, coconut, and lavender while also delivering a light texture from the burrata water (yes, the beloved cheese).

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Tips for making the drink?
I think what makes our cocktails so special and tasty is that we make our own syrups, teas, and mixers. I highly recommend brewing your lavender and pea flower tea with real, dried pea flowers and lavender flowers and mixing your own sweet and sour mix. Cocktails are only as proper as their ingredients.

What food would you recommend pairing it with?
I think this is lovely when paired with our Insalata Burrata salad or our Above and Beyond flatbread! If you’re making this at home, I recommend pairing this with a charcuterie board because, well, why not.

What are other standouts on the menu?
I would say the cocktails with the most exciting presentations would be the Black Smoke and the Moxa. One comes in a smoking lantern and the other gets lit on fire! Crowd favorites would have to be the smoked watermelon margarita, ice wine martini, and Divine Aviation.

What does presenting the drink in a small filled cage require?
Any cocktail served in a lowball glass may be served in our infamous glass cages. Typically, the Black Smoke is served in the cage and filled with smoke derived from hickory or applewood chips that are packed into our smoking device. It’s always fun to change it up and serve a smoked Old Fashioned every now and again. Placing a cocktail in an enclosed container ensures that the drink will absorb the smoky flavors, enhancing the flavor profiles of said cocktail.

Are the plants real? If so, who waters them?
The plants are 100% real and our lovely owner, Layla, waters them weekly to ensure they stay vibrant and healthy. We also have indoor grow lights atop the liquor shelves that we turn on every evening at closing. Fun fact: most of the plants are for sale.